Nation State or State of a Nation – Notta Caflisch

Pasin Bags brings to the new headquarters in Treviso the contemporary work “Nation State or State of a Nation” by the young artist Notta Caflisch.

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Caterina Benetazzo for Pasin Bags

We are glad to enrich our collection with the work of art of Caterina Benetazzo.

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Giovanni Massarelli per Pasin Bags

Giovanni Massarin for Pasin Bags

Giovanni Massarin, has created this work of art reinterpreting our company logo.

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Alessandro De Bei for Pasin Bags

The engraver and painter from Treviso has reinterpreted our logo.

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Andrea Bianconi per Pasin Bags

Andrea Bianconi for Pasin Bags

Andrea Bianconi, has interpreted our logo.

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"My name is bag" - Mattia Conti

“My name is bag” – Mattia Conti

We are proud to present Mattia Conti’s book “My name is bag”.

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a world of...

A world of…

Pasin bags never stops: changes and news are just around the corner, so… stay tuned.

Read more by Rodolfi Kuball Carola by Rodolfi Kuball Carola

Rodolfi Kuball Carola presents our logo in a whole new key

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Rodger Stevens

Rodger Stevens for Pasin Bags.

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Francesco Maluta per Pasin Bags

Francesco Maluta for Pasin Bags

Francesco Maluta has also reinterpreted our logo…

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Serena Vestrucci per Pasin Bags

Serena Vestrucci for Pasin Bags

Serena Vestrucci, the winner of the 18th Cairo Award…

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Pasin Bags loves art

We are pleased to announce our new collaboration…

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Carla Mura

Carla Mura interprets the Pasin Bags logo.

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Art is

Art is

Art is that which we know has a meaning, the nature of which we fail to grasp.

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Pasin Bags & Franko B

Pasin Bags loves art.

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Paolo Socal per Pasin Bags

Paolo Socal for Pasin Bags

Paolo Socal with his eclectic approach revisits the Pasin Bags logo

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